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Raymond Mott is an artist in wood, stone & clay creating carvings and sculptures.

To him, carving is a source of mixed emotions…..To chip away at the raw material to extract a shape, normally a face following his sense of vision, or, sometimes, the inspiration of the wood itself. In carving and sculpting, material and thought are linked by the hand alone; thus the raw material is imbued with warmth of feeling directly drawn from the artist’s nature.

Raymond feels there is a spiritual and enchanting aura connected with his finished woodcarvings and sculptures that will bring happiness and warmth to their new home and surroundings. And sometimes he likes a sense of humour to shine through.


Raymond favours carving hooded figures and wood spirits that are inspired by nature using woods connected with ancient folklore. He likes to create small scale carvings up to life-size sculptures, mostly figures with the face being the focal point to tell a story and evoke an emotional response within the viewer.

He enjoys the challenge of bringing a blank piece of wood back to life.

The artist chooses to work with traditional methods using chisels and mallet as he is passionate that the skills of this old art-form must not become lost to new generations. With large scale carvings he will shape the wood with a chainsaw then return to chisels and mallet to finish detail.


Raymond lives in Drayton, a village just outside Abingdon-On-Thames, UK.

Raymond has spent most of his working life being self-employed running different businesses until the last three years where he has started to concentrate and put his energy into his art.

Open to commissions

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